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I've been gifted with spiritual names over the years of studying with gurus, masters and maestros. I truly am honoured to receive this blessing and a piece of me resonates with each one. 

Before these gifts were bestowed upon me, I had already took this into my own hands. I was born in the Yukon as Samantha. My birth name means quiet, listening one and this is very much true to my character but I felt limited in that vibration so I change it to Saleste Mele. Hey, I know this is not the norm but I’ve always been one to take the path less travelled.

In 2010 I attended the Nosara Yoga Institute where my perception of the Universe changed. After that experience I knew I was to use my voice in some way to help heal the world. That’s when I changed my name to reflect my inner calling. To me, Saleste Mele means heaven song, a combination of honouring my birth name – to incorporate the spelling into my chosen name and the latin and Hawaiian meanings.

In many different traditions, you are given a name to signify a rite of passage. So why not create your own?

My background includes many titles. I started off with aromatherapy back in '99. I received my holistic therapist diploma as well as my Master Herbalist diploma from Wild Rose College. I am a Usui Reiki Master as well I have my Karuna Reiki and Lightarian Rieki. I trained with Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi (pioneers of the Sound Healing movement) back in '02 and have been working with sound ever since. I received my Massage therapy diploma in '01 however that is no longer a focus of my practice. I took my teachers training in psychosomatic from the Australasian Institute. I've studied quantum healing, receiving numerous diplomas.


I also received my Yoga Teachers Training and currently teach at studios. My focus is mainly meditation and sound but I work with asanas to allow the body to open up to the vibrations. I'm sure there's something I've left out. The list is long, this is my life's work.


I am working on my dissertation for my doctoral regarding the power of vibrational healing. I have my Masters in Metaphysical Science. I designed and teach a curriculum for a sound healers training based off of all the knowledge that I have accumulated over the last couple of decades. Currently I host workshops and sound meditations and am working towards expanding people's knowledge base and awareness around this powerful modality.

Love to all.

The services I offer include different aspects of the philosophies I hold dear to my heart. As we are all multi-dimensional beings, we all have various passions that fill our lives which include being of service to others. Being an artist and healer it is my intention to invoke light and love (and laughter) into all aspects of life. Spirituality, freedom and wisdom are a big part of me. 

-With love.

Available by Request

Contact for pricing.

Life is precious. As a result, I am  honoured to be able to join you in your celebrations of life; whether that is through wedding ceremonies or funeral remembrances. My intention is to bring love and light into all ceremonies that I am blessed to be party to. Until we meet, sending you lots of love and light.

Available by Request

Contact for pricing. One year commitment required for optimal growth.

Building a life you love living doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. With over 20 years in the personal development and healing industry, my knowledge base includes a proven system with tools and techniques to help you design a life that truly resonates with you. I am here to support you, hold space and guide you along the way as you begin to witness your wildest dreams coming true. As of this time, I make sure I have the time and energy to dedicate to my clients, I only take on a handful of clients each year. Most of all, the clients I work with are open to making a commitment of at least a year, because that is when lasting change can really take place. I am passionate to share my resources to help you thrive and succeed. Listen to your intuition and if there’s a pull to work closely with me follow that longing! I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Available by Request

1 hour - $175

90 mins - $250

My repertoire includes a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and a background in massage therapy, counselling, yoga teacher training, sound therapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, Reiki Master, aromatherapy, nutrition, master herbalist, holistic therapist plus many other modalities. My speciality is sound therapy where I use a combination of quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, planetary hand chimes, a rav drum, hand drums, a harmonium, a monochord and various gongs to shift the vibrations on a subtle body level.

Numerological Soul Profiling

Available by Request

$555 includes an hour consultation and in-depth report

Discover your divine blueprint with an in-depth analysis into your soul, uncovering your gifts and strengths as well as the potential challenges you are here to work through. This soul analysis will bring more awareness into your life allowing you to see the deeper patterns and the purpose of your soul. You will gain an understanding of the issues, lessons and energies of your life. You will not only uncover your personal medicine but will be given tools and techniques on how to work through any challenges that arise. This includes an hour consultation along with an in-depth report that you may refer back to while you are integrating the teachings of your own soul.

Artist services

My background also includes over a decade in the film and television industry. I have had the privilege of working as a lead on some independent projects. In addition I have had a hand in creating and writing a few of them. My current projects include a focus on the power of words and vibrations, and music for the purpose of elevating consciousness. I love the collaboration process and am creating a debut album with a prolific musician. I am always open to hearing about how I may be of assistance to new projects, feel free to contact me.



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